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Core Component Features v1.0

Features Comment
gate/application App-main + services
gate/arrays Arrays and fields
gate/atomics Atomic operations
gate/callstacks Callstack and unwinding
gate/comparers Type comparers
gate/coroutines Native coroutines
gate/debugging Debugging features
gate/delegates Delegates and callbacks
gate/directories Directory access abstraction interfaces
gate/enumerators Collection enumeration
gate/environments Environment variables and settings
gate/exceptions Exception handling
gate/files File and filesystem operations
gate/functions Generic function calls
gate/gatemain Main entry point utilities
gate/gatetypes Core data types
gate/gatesfd Single function dispatcher standard
gate/geopositions Data structures for geo-location APIs
gate/guids GUID structure utilities
gate/handles Native handle carriers
gate/hashes Type hashes
gate/inputs Keyboard and pointer input variants
gate/libraries Dynamic library access
gate/maps Sorted and unsorted sets and maps
gate/mathematics Arithmetic operations
gate/memalloc Memory allocation
gate/objects GATE C-object standards
gate/platforms Platform specific features
gate/processes System processes
gate/properties Hierarchical data storage
gate/queues Code execution queues
gate/randomgen Random number generation
gate/regexpressions Regular expressions
gate/results Result and return codes
gate/serializers Core type serialization
gate/streams Byte stream interfaces
gate/strings Strings and UTF converters
gate/structs Generic structs and reflection
gate/synchronization Thread synchronization
gate/test Unit test macros
gate/threading Thread management
gate/threadpools Multi-thread pools
gate/times Date and time support
gate/typeids Type identifiers
gate/uris URI and URL support
gate/utilities Auxiliary functions and utilities
gate/values Value content carriers
gate/wrappers Object wrapper interfaces
gate/data/adapter Data adapter interfaces
gate/data/adapter_base Data adapter base implementation
gate/data/odbc_adapter ODBC data adapter
gate/data/sqlite3_adapter SQLITE3 adapter interfaces
gate/encode/base64 BASE64 encoding
gate/encode/bzip2streams BZIP2 compression
gate/encode/crchash CRC checksums
gate/encode/inifiles INI file encoding
gate/encode/json JSON encoding
gate/encode/md5hash MD5 hash signature
gate/encode/sha1hash SHA1 hash signature
gate/encode/sha256hash SHA256 hash signature
gate/encode/tarstreams TAR file format encoding
gate/encode/texticons Unicode icon codes
gate/encode/texts BOM and text encodings
gate/encode/xml XML encoding
gate/encode/xzstreams LZMA XZ compression
gate/encode/yaml YAML encoding
gate/encode/zipstreams ZIP file archive compression
gate/encode/zlibstreams ZLIB compression
gate/graphics/bitmapimages Bitmap image file format
gate/graphics/colors Color formats
gate/graphics/drawing Image drawing functions
gate/graphics/fonts Inline raster fonts
gate/graphics/framebuffers Rasterimage framebuffer interfaces
gate/graphics/gifimages GIF file format
gate/graphics/gl_apis OpenGL API bindings
gate/graphics/imageformats Image file format interfaces
gate/graphics/images Raster image interfaces
gate/graphics/jpegimages JPEG image file format
gate/graphics/pixmapimages PIXMAP image file format
gate/graphics/pngimages PNG image file format
gate/io/audiosources Audio playback and recording
gate/io/ipcsharedmem IPC shared memory access
gate/io/logging Logging interfaces
gate/io/pipes Pipe access functions
gate/io/serialports Serial port access functions
gate/io/videosources Video stream recoding
gate/net/ftpclients FTP client binding
gate/net/httpclients HTTP client binding
gate/net/httpservers HTTP server implementation
gate/net/httptypes HTTP data types
gate/net/sockets Socket functions
gate/net/sockettools Socket queues and tools
gate/net/sslsessions SSL/TLS session binding
gate/system/accounts System user accounts and groups
gate/system/backups Filesystem backups
gate/system/configurations Configuration registry access
gate/system/devices System device access
gate/system/management General system management functions
gate/system/os Operating system functions
gate/system/services System service administration
gate/system/storagedrives Storage drive administration
gate/system/storagevolumes Storage volume administration
gate/system/terminals Text terminal access functions
gate/system/versioning Component versioning schema
gate/tech/barcodes Barcode identification tools
gate/tech/copymachines Stream copy utilities
gate/tech/gateservices GATE microservice host implementation
gate/tech/microservices Microservice interfaces
gate/tech/portmapping TCP port mapping service
gate/tech/webapis Public HTTP web service usage utilities
gate/ui/buttons Pushbutton controls
gate/ui/checkboxes Checkbox controls
gate/ui/comboboxes Combobox controls
gate/ui/dialogs Dialog windows
gate/ui/forms Form windows
gate/ui/gateui Generial UI structures
gate/ui/graphics Drawing functions
gate/ui/labels Textlabel controls
gate/ui/listviews Listview controls
gate/ui/menus Menu support functions
gate/ui/paintsurface Free painting controls
gate/ui/panels Panel container controls
gate/ui/spinners Spinning value adjustment controls
gate/ui/splitters Content splitting container controls
gate/ui/statusbars Statusbar controls
gate/ui/tabs Tab grouping container controls
gate/ui/textboxes Text editing controls
gate/ui/timers Timeout and interval support
gate/ui/toolbars Toolbar controls
gate/ui/treeview Treeview controls
gate/ui/webviews Webbrowser controls