OpenGATE | News: Storage devices and images

Copying files within the filesystem is no challange for the GATE framework. Therefore the newest UI tool called vbincopy targets reading and writing to storage devices.

Loading image files and writing them to SD cards is the beginning of each system-on-chip experience like with the Raspberry Pi or similar devices.

vbincopy is a graphical tool to access low-level features of the operating system to directly read from and write to hard disks, SD cards, floppy drives, volumes, partitions and read-only media like CDs or DVDs.

WARNING: Writing directly to storage devices may erase all your data and cause system malfunctions. Use this tool with care and only if you have the required knowledge about low-level storage operations.

Like for the Unix tool dd there is no un-do function to restore a broken system.

Check out the first alpha releases on the app download page.