OpenGATE: Website online

Finally, the first version of the website is now online in parallel to my blog pages (in german).

The existing GATE code went through some rewriting processes, when some concepts in object layout needed to be changed.

The C++ committee made a great decision, when they introduced std::string_view. This feature is missing in C and on older C++ compilers. Therefor the GATE library provides a conjunctive solution.

The current implementation was mostly done on Windows with Visual Studio 2017, but to keep the linux side up to date, a codeblocks workspace was added too which provides configurations for building gate binaries on linux.

gatecli is going to be the first GATE based app and it is planned to map almost all library functions to the command line.
This concept makes it both: A unit test tool for the GATE library and a swiss army knife for system-related tasks.